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Disneyland Hotel

During the spring of 1954, Walt Disney approached the Texas oil wildcatter and television pioneer Jack Wrather concerning the possibility of building accommodations for the many guests that Walt hoped would flock to his innovative “theme park,” then under construction in Anaheim, California. Since the “imagineering” and building of Disneyland was taking nearly every penny… Read More »

Nevada’s Goldfield Hotel Said to Be Portal to the Other Side

After gold was discovered on nearby Columbia Mountain in 1902, the town of Goldfield, NV ranked as one of the biggest and brightest mining towns in the west. In its boom year of 1906, the town’s mines produced $11 million in gold. A year later in 1907, the mines were generating close to $10,000.00 a… Read More »

Here’s What I Know About Booking Your Hotel Rooms Online

With the advent of the internet and ever changing technology, the process of reserving a hotel room for your weekend stay, holiday vacation, or business trip is easier and more affordable than ever before. In days past it was much more difficult to find and choose a hotel that was not near your home. The… Read More »

How to Choose the Most Suitable Hotel

Whether you’re planning a holiday in your own country or you want to plan a family holiday abroad, choosing the best hotel can be such a daunting experience. You can go online, to one of the many booking sites or you can visit each individual hotel’s website to find a hotel you think may meet… Read More »

Choose the Cheapest Holiday Packages

It is not always true that if you spend more money, you can enjoy your vacation in a better manner. Sometimes, you experience more delight when you are able to get the same amount of luxury and fun by shelling out some less bucks. The cheapest holiday packages offer you a chance to tour around… Read More »

10 Romantic Things To Do On A Honeymoon in the Maldives

Whether you are a truly romantic couple, someone who loves a fun-filled vacation or just looking for a place which rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul with its serene beauty, the Maldives is a blend of everything. And as a couple, you should not miss doing these ten romantic things on your honeymoon in the… Read More »