A Guide To Getting Cheap Car Insurance Rates

By | September 19, 2018

Cheap car insurance rates are now available because there is so much choice for the car consumer, as the demand for cars is ever increasing in a world that is getting more and more dependent their wheels. With that, so are the numbers of insurance companies in the market.

Car insurance gives you, your vehicle and other parties, protection. Car insurance rates depend on the level of protection that you buy from your insurer. They are applicable to all car drivers. Insurance rates vary greatly and you must choose wisely before buying your car insurance.

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What Are The Types Of Car Insurance?

There are basically three types of car insurance cover. These are

1. Third party insurance

2. Third party fire and theft insurance

3. Comprehensive insurance

Third party insurance- This type of insurance is beneficial to you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. However it does not protect your car incase of an accident. It also does not offer protection in the event of damage done to another person’s property and bodily injury but the damages to your car must be paid up from your own pocket.

Third party fire and theft insurance- This type of insurance protects you against any legal liabilities arising from accidental damages, which means that it offers protection to a third party that suffers damage due to an accident caused by your fault.

Comprehensive coverage- Comprehensive coverage means exactly that- full coverage. It covers you for damages done to your own vehicle and you can be rest assured that with a comprehensive cover at hand, you can sleep well, no matter what.

Some companies allow you a free thirty day protection against mechanical failure when you purchase an insurance policy from that company under a flexible payment option. Legal expenses are covered and the insurance company also guarantees repairs for three years. Discounted vehicle checks are also provided.

Drive Safe For Better Insurance Rates

Always ensure a good driving history to be able to avail cheap car insurance rates. A bad driving history means the insurer will hike insurance rates for you. If you are a high risk driver, with driving and drinking violations, speeding violations, driving over the centre line or on the wrong side of the road or jumping red lights, all these will affect your insurance premium and you will have to pay a higher insurance.

Nowadays you have more than enough information on the internet and can even get a cheap car insurance rate on the net after comparing companies and their rates.

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