Online Video Exposure – How Can I Increase Viewers for My Marketing Videos?

By | September 11, 2018

Posting a video to an online video website is only the start of the process, given that you naturally would want the greatest amount of relevant traffic watching your videos. I say relevant traffic, as there is no point in aiming a video at traffic or viewers that won’t buy your products or services. It’s also important to remember that on video websites, like You Tube, there are options to see similar videos. This means you need to make sure your video is optimized to get the best quality traffic to it in the first place.

One way to increase your views, if you are using a service like You Tube, is to ensure that you create a channel, rather like a traditional television channel. Each channel has a genre or style, and it is good to name your channel something that is compatible with your You Tube videos. That way, you will be building your search engine rankings, in that your video will be easier to find. As a side note, remember that your video will potentially be competing with millions of other videos, quite literally. To massively increase the odds in your favour, you need to make sure that you create a targeted title name, similar to your channel name, and use strong or high quality keywords that are very specific to the information in your video.

You may well ask, “Won’t that reduce the number of viewers I receive?” On one hand, it might. On the other hand, the viewers you get will be looking for the information or video that you have! Naturally, by creating mass appeal, in marketing your videos, and also in creating an interesting videos, you may well find that people who are watching your material will recommend it to others in the same industry. I will explain this with an example. Imagine if you are a doctor, and discussing a particular medical technique

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you may have devised. It may be of no relevance to anyone outside the medical field, but for doctors or even patients looking for your information, it will be very popular indeed, and will potentially receive a substantial number of views. I think you can see the point I am making, in that you want to target your audience, rather than go for mass appeal, which is a lot harder.

Another way to increase the he views you get is look for other videos in your niche that are related to your subject. Even though they may be from competitors, the cross linking process in the play lists you create in your own You Tube channel will work wonders for your videos being found. It is like piggy backing on other video success. These are all legitimate methods to get great results with your videos for marketing purposes.

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