All You Wanted to Know About Tata AIG Life Insurance

By | September 10, 2018

Range of Insurance Coverages

Tata AIG Insurance offers a wide range of insurance coverages. You name it, they have it. The company provides insurance coverages in domains like home, motor, health, lifestyle and travel as well as a few other specialized financial requirements. The company is an all rounder with 100% claim settlement service, promotional strength as well as availability through online mediums such as Tele and Digital marketing.

Range of Health Insurance Products

* MediPrime

* Wellsurance Woman

* Wellsurance Executive

* Wellsurance Family

* MediPlus

* Critical Illness policy

* MediSenior

* MediRaksha

* Individual Accident and Sickness

* Group Accident and Sickness

Benefits in a Nutshell

In case of individual and group accident and sickness you can get cashless claims that will be acted upon within 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization. In case patients are on non allopathic treatment like Ayurveda, the Ayush benefit ensures total coverage in this case.

The MediPrime benefit ensures that you receive a cashless coverage within 4 hours of making a claim. You can save taxes with MediPrime as well as get ensured 100% transparency.

The Wellsurance Executive ensures a sturdy health insurance for all the busy executives of today. So while you are busy meeting your goals and chasing after that big promotion, this policy takes care of your health.

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The Wellsurance Family ensures the wellness benefit and medical welfare of each and every member of your family. This policy is designed to give you peace of mind in case of emergencies because your finances are not strained in a crisis.

The Critical illnesses coverage ensures coverage for as many as 9 commonly known critical illnesses. This policy also provides benefits for minor and major surgical procedures as well as benefits during convalescence.

Wellsurance Woman is a unique stand up policy designed for the hard working corporate women of today. This policy goes a long way in helping her manage her health as well as ensuring her well being in many other spheres of life so that she can be successful and independent without having to worry about health or other emergencies that can strain her finances.

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