3 Ways an SMS Campaign Can Make Your Business’ Cash Register Ring

By | September 6, 2018

f you are not using mobile marketing, and in particular SMS campaigns in your marketing mix, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Here’s three ways an SMS campaign can drive more foot traffic to your store or web visitors to your site…

1. Alerts, VIP Clubs, Exclusive messaging, Promotions, Product information.

These are very easy to deploy SMS campaigns that use a keyword and a short code. This could be a text message sent to an opt-in group, a section of a print advertisement that instructs the reader to text the keyword to a short code for a mobile coupon, more information, etc. The SMS campaign could originate with an ad in an HTML email which invites them to text a keyword to a short code to sign up for the alert, discount club etc.

This is the easiest mobile SMS campaign to integrate with your existing advertising, whether in print, on TV or radio. By using keywords and short codes in traditional advertising channels, you can invite the consumer to text message a keyword to a short code to get an SMS message for a mobile coupon or discount. You can also build your mobile opt-in list by conducting quizzes, polls, or sweepstakes.

2. Profile Capture.

Here the objective is to gather more information about the consumer, which can be used to send highly targeted mobile campaigns using the demographics you collect.

Rather than using a keyword and a short code, the information is captured on a web page. This allows for capturing information such as age, gender and zip code. It also gives the person the opportunity to define what kind of information they are interested in receiving, even to the extent of what products or services are of most interest.

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By feeding their profile information into a CRM database, future messages can zero in on precisely what they have defined as their highest interest category. This allows you to send an SMS message to subgroups such as only to men or only to women. You can target a specific zip code, to correspond with your location(s) or to make even more sophisticated and targeted offers, based on variables such as what the weather is!

A Tell-a-friend component can be built in, taking advantage of the ability of the social networks to spread your message to many people. The consumer simply triggers an SMS message to a friend, giving them a heads up on the same offer.

And, of course, this demographic information can be used in all your other advertising mediums to make them more efficient.

3. Location Based Marketing.

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