Get Cheap Car Insurance by Showing Them That You Are a Safe Driver

Last year there were over 6 million auto accidents. Not to mention the deaths, which totaled over 43,000 people, the cost of these accidents told over $230 billion and 4 million drivers head injuries.

Why does some insurance cost too much?

Teenage drivers have been statistically proven to be riskier behind the wheel than any other age group. This is because they take more risks and do not wear seatbelts and have not had the time it takes to develop driving skills. This is why insurance rates have skyrocketed for these teenagers, because one out of every five will get into an accident within the first six months and totaled their car.

If you are paying high premiums now and you would like to have cheap insurance it is important that you not cancel your insurance and move to another company. Any lapse of coverage can prevent you from getting the cheap insurance rates that you deserve. Shopping for insurance while you have insurance without any accidents shows that you are not a risk to the company that you are trying to get cheap coverage from. However, if you do have a car accident on your record it is better to wait at least six months to a year before you change to cheap insurance companies.

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