Life Insurance Telemarketing Leads Production = Unfit Insurance Lead Generation System

By | August 19, 2018

A life insurance lead generation system is essential to agents and agencies. However, life insurance telemarketing lead production fails. See why telemarketing lead generation results in life insurance leads often of poorer quality.

First, let me give credit to all the honest telemarketing leads firms that do the job to the best of their ability. Their leads production is far superior to any in-house person or company trying to cut costs with their own insurance lead generation system of phone calling. Telemarketing firms are in the major leagues while an individual, on the phone, attempting lead production does not even make the minor league.

A life insurance lead generation system, including not only telemarketing but also emailing is usually a big failure. The problem with the telemarketing leads is not in producing “leads”, it is in the often-overlooked area of what a lead actually is. Life insurance representatives often forget or do not realize what qualities leads must have to provide sales production. Here are the six major areas, starting with a prospect expressing a desire for insurance of the same type the agent can skillfully sell. The prospect must have an emotional need other than cheapness to want to find out more. Is the person healthy enough to qualify? There must be a willingness to purchase now if the product matches the needs. The financial means to make the insurance payment must exist.

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Now the trump card in any life insurance leads generation system. The prospect must not be pressured into agreeing to see an agent. This is the poison injected into so many leads. Now do not confuse pressure with gentle enticement. Relentless bypassing a suspect’s NO response, and forging forward with this system, repeatedly trying to get a positive response, causes intense pressure. Many agents actually consider this an acceptable insurance lead. This life lead generation method is not successful. You have a suspect lacking the true willingness to buy.

Here is why this suspect lead style results in a low closing ratio. Almost all people have a void for a life insurance plan that covers enough of their needs. People already realize this. Convincing them they have a need is an easy part of the puzzle. The large missing piece is committing a person to take action in filling this void now.

Telemarketing, although highly superior to personal call making, has a problem in trying to provide life insurance leads that result in good commission sales production. There are two major reasons and some minor ones. The first is often the fault of the agency or sales person hiring the telemarketing firm. Often the telemarketing company gets a CHEAP list of prospects, instead of a highly refined prospect list from the firm. Cheap prospect lists = cheap quality leads. Often a telemarketer becomes too good at convincing prospects they talk to, and knows how to aggressively get past objections with the use of pressure.

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