Should You Purchase a No Load Life Insurance Policy?

By | August 18, 2018

If you’re considering purchasing life insurance coverage, be sure to check out the advantages and disadvantages of a no load life insurance policy. This type of insurance can be cheaper, and more of your premium ends up in the policy itself. Since no agent receives a commission for the policy, the monthly costs are lower. Get started by looking up quotes online, comparing plans, and comparing prices.

Once you’ve decided on a policy, you’ll need to speak with a representative from the insurance company. You’ll also probably need to get a physical or similar medical check up, although this depends on the particular policy you’re looking at. After filling out a few forms and giving the insurance company some information about you, you’ll have your policy.

Advantages and Disadvantages
As already noted, a no load life insurance policy doesn’t pay out a commission to an agent, and so your monthly premiums are lower. This provides an extra benefit, which is that more of your monthly premium goes into the policy itself, thus growing the coverage more quickly than in other types of plans. If you go with a no load term life insurance plan, your coverage is limited to a certain period of time. During that time, you pay your monthly premium and if your policy is exercised, your loved ones get the benefits. Term life policies are cheaper than the alternatives and offer great protection for new families or people who have just bought a house. A more expensive option is no load whole life insurance policies, which insure people for their entire lives.

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One disadvantage of a no load or low load insurance plan is that you won’t receive as good customer service as with other plans. Since you have no insurance agent to contact, you’ll have to go directly through the company. It might take longer to answer questions or have other service done with regards to your plan. One exception is if you can get a no load plan through your work, club, or other type of association or organization. In that case, you’ll have many other people to talk to and getting service might be easier for you.

How To Choose No Load, Low Load, Or Something Else
When you go looking for insurance quotes, be sure to look at a wide range of different companies, plans, and insurance types. No load and low load plans can be great for many people, but don’t pass up a good insurance offer just because it isn’t a no load plan. Many companies offer great policies at great rates that aren’t no load. On the other hand, ask companies about their no load plans. You might be pleasantly surprised to save some money.

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