Cheap Car Insurance – Young Drivers

Parents will readily admit that they are never too comfortable with the idea of having their teenage children behind the wheel more so when it is their cars that are being driven. The fact of the matter is that teenage drivers have never been known to be excellent drivers in terms of their safety records.

Many parents are concerned about carrying their teenagers under their insurance policies because they know that the requisite premiums will start escalating. This should not be the cause of too much worry considering that there are options that can help in getting around this quandary. The solution in this case will be an effective way of keeping grips on the costs as well as providing a very affordable insurance coverage plan for the eager teenagers.

Parents are able to qualify for this solution i.e. the Good Student Discounts only by ensuring that their teenage children are exemplary performers in school. Their average grades have to be B and above for qualification into this program. In many ways therefore, this can be described as a win-win situation. For the soonest realization of excellent driver discounts, the teenage drivers have to be practically instructed on driving habits that are most responsible. An easy way of getting this achieved is by enrolling them for defensive driving lessons since this is another way of getting extra discounts.

The parent is best advised to retain the teenager under their own policy since this is definitely far much cheaper than obtaining separate policies for the same. In the same breathe, it will be more advisable to have the teenager learn using a vehicle that is less expensive and older, basically because the insurance due will be cheaper.

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