How to Get a Cheap Auto Insurance Quote: A True Primer

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? Having the right information and knowledge will get you cheap insurance for your car. Not that you will replace your existing one with another that is less expensive but with lesser quality in coverage, but instead obtain one that will give you the best value for you money. Here are some tips to get a cheap auto insurance quote that will still provide you with the right protection.

Having anti-theft devices on your car will get you car insurance discounts. Insurance companies will give you discounts when you have these because it lowers the likelihood of your car being stolen. Some states also give extra discounts on car equipped with window etches. Auto manufacturers etch the serial number of the car on all windows to accurately identify the owner.

Did you know that you always get discounts when insuring multiple cars? If you own two or more cars, insuring them with the same company at the same time can save you money. Contact your insurance company and ask for details on how this multiple car discount can be obtained.

Another way to get a cheap auto insurance quote is to opt for the yearly policy and not a semi-annual one. By checking the policy costs, you will notice a significant difference on their prices. Doubling the price of a six-month policy will usually get you a sum that is greater than the price of an annual policy. And you will get the same insurance coverage for both. So opting for the yearly one is a wise choice.

When insuring a car that you expect not to be using for some time, choose the comprehensive coverage for it for the duration of the time when it will be idle. Because the car will not be used, it is highly unlikely for it to figure in a collision. Likewise, the car would not need the liability coverage during this time.

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